Farm Egg Fresh Pasta Dough.

When I was in my early twenties I took my little brother to 9 weeks of Italian cooking classes. Particularly to perfect a risotto and learn to make great pasta. I highly recommend doing this! A recipe can only do so much but you can only know when pasta dough is ready by the touch. I hope I can explain it simply enough for you to cook it like a pro!


6 Farm Fresh Eggs.

600g Tipo ‘00’ Flour.


Place the flour in a bowl, make well and add the eggs. Using a fork slowly mix incorporating the flour. Once folded through tip out onto a well floured board. Start kneeding the dough. This  will take some arm muscles. Kneed until smooth. Shape into a disc, insert your thumb. If it comes out clean and not sticky it’s ready!! Otherwise keep kneeding guys. You’ll get there.

Shape into a disc, cover in cling film and rest in the fridge for half an hour. 

Bring it out of the fridge and divide into 6 even pieces. Follow your pasta makers instructions.

Lay the paster sheets out on a floured table and allow to completely dry out before storing in sealed containers.

Jennifer X

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