Glowing Skin Mask

I love beauty treatments. I love facials, massages, scrubs. You name it, I love it! In their purest and healthiest form are the best for your skin. On top of that if you can make it yourself you are saving yourself from chemicals and nasties as well as financially a bucket load. I’ve been making my own masks for sometime now. They change from week to week depending on what products I have at home. 

This mask is one I use often because I have all these elements. If you weren’t aware already, the health benefits for Turmeric are off the charts fabulous! Click hereto see my breakfast link, scroll down to turmeric and see for yourself why it’s so good for you. 


Back to getting beautiful skin.

Mix ½ Tablespoon of Turmeric Powder

2 Tablespoons of Mashed Banana

½ Tablespoon of Honey

Leave it for 30 Minutes.

Wash off. Moisturise and enjoy glowing, beautiful skin.

Jennifer X

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