Legend has it a Korean physician healed a Japanese emperor with this chinese beverage giving it the name “Kombu” (The physician’s name) and “cha” (tea).

Nowadays, everyone has at least heard of the drink Kombucha. It’s become such a popular health drink, in fact I pretty much see someone everyday walking down the street drinking a bottle of the stuff.

But what is this strange smelling, fizzy, sweet drink? 

Kombucha is a fermented drink made from tea. It is more that 2000 years old and the first recording came from Asia. It is known widely as a probiotic, restoring good bacteria in the body, promoting inner gut health. 

Kombucha contains vitamins and because of the fizz and containing caffeine it can give you the healthy buzz alternative to soda drinks! The drink is created by and continues to create a culture mass called a Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast, or Kombucha loves call it a SCOBY. It looks like a flat, pale looking mushroom with many layers underneath. It feels slimy and rubbery. 

If you have a good SCOBY it will provide you with:

Probiotics- Bacteria for nutrient absorption and digestion

Amino Acids- These are the building blocks of protein and muscles

Lactic Acid- Essential for digestion

Enzymes- Proteins that speed up biochemical reactions

Malic Acid- helps the detox process

Analgesics- Provide pain relief

Nucleic Acid- Aids in cell regeneration

Oxalic Acid- Helps cellular energy production. It is a natural preservative

Acetic Acid- Anti-microbial properties and it aids to stabilize blood sugar

Gluconic Acid- Fights yeast infections, like thrush and candida

Ok, so surely I’ve sold you on why you should be drinking a cup of this stuff a day! So let me give you James’ recipe for making ours.

Firstly, you need to get your hands on a SCOBY…. Ask anyone you know who has one for some of theirs, or you can purchase one here.

Let’s begin…


Black Tea or green Tea (Organic)

Sugar (Organic)


SCOBY with Kombucha



  • Begin by washing your hands and sterilizing all utensils
  • Brew 4 bags of black tea with 2 Litres of water
  • Add 1 cup of sugar
  • Allow the water to cool (you don’t want to burn your SCOBY). 
  • Once cooled pour liquid into the jar with the SCOBY and about 1-2 cups of the Kombucha ‘starter’ that you kept from the previous batch into the jar

(we have a Kombucha Urn, meaning we always have a little left over from the previous batch).

  • COVER- With any clean, breathable fabric. Secure with a rubber band
  • Store and Ferment for 7-12 days
  • Remove SCOBY and place in a sterilized bowl
  • Pour Kombucha into sterilized bottles that are tightly sealed
  • Add flavourings if you desire, fruits, honey, ginger, herbs. Again store sealed for 3-5 days

And I guarantee folks, homemade Kombucha is far and above anything store bought.

Have fun Brewing,

JenniferBucha – Medium

Jennifer X

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