Milk Bath

Did you know Cleopatra bathed in milk and fresh berries? As we know she was known for her great beauty, so why not take on some of her little traditions that have been around for thousands of years. Please believe me when I say this is the easiest beauty regime to add to your routine. The whole family will love it! Trust me! Mine does, and we feel the difference in our skin. You can simply pour a carton of milk into the bath and add essential oils, dried and fresh flowers or even any fruit you like. Or create your own mixture and maybe a dash of fresh milk too. It’s up to you really.

Here’s my VERY EASY recipe for a glamorous bath, fit for a Queen… or mama… daddy, ok, ok, family!

4 cups Whole powdered Milk

2 Cups Cornflour

1 cup Baking Soda

Mix well. Place ingredients into a beautiful jar with a lid on it. Use 1/2-1 cup and enjoy a luxurious bath!

*Make sure to add the milk powder while the tap is running to break up the milk powder.

Enjoy spoiling yourself or your family!

Jennifer X

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