My (cheats) Toasted Muesli

I have been eating Muesli religiously since Noah was born. I’m not sure how I got hooked but it has never left me. We bought really expensive muesli twice a week to keep up with my delicious cravings. Because we were buying it so often I had to start making it. And so with 1 child I had all the time in the world to buy oats, nuts, dried fruit, All Bran… blah, blah, blah…. and create a SUPER POWERHOUSE healthy muesli. However, I don’t have time for all that anymore. Let me make this real simple friends. I buy organic muesli from Aldi. Sometimes it’s toasted already (then I  toast it again) or a plainer bag. It doesn’t matter. My children love this recipe. I add a few dollops of yoghurt and I feel like a super mum knowing they are eating this any time of the day with all it’s goodness. ha! And here’s how I make my ‘cheat’s’ Toasted Muesli.


1 bag organic Muesli

Any extra nuts and dried fruits you may like. Roughly chop them. About a cup of each.

1/2 cup Olive Oil

1/2 cup Honey


Pre Heat Oven to 150c

Place Muesli into a bowl. Pour the Olive Oil in first then the honey in the same cup. It makes the honey pour right out and not stick to the cup!!

Mix well

Place muesli into a lined baking tray. Roast for 1 hour, mixing and turning the ingredients every 15 minutes.

In the last 15 minutes mix through the dried fruit and nuts (so not to burn them). Although, if you use the ready made bag like myself- sultans tend to go black. No big deal! still delicious!

Cool and place into a sealed container. Shake well to break up any clumps. (They are my fav parts).


Jennifer X

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