What I have For Breakfast Everyday!

Are you someone who eats the same thing for breakfast EVERYDAY? Or do you like to change it up a bit? We find eating out for breakfast hard because I don’t like the taste of egg… anything remotely eggy in flavour makes me gag! I’ve been making my own muesli for years. And it saves a heap financially. But having it with Greek Yoghurt wasn’t the best combo after a while. Too much dairy kills my stomach…. um, so now I’ve got my stomach issues out of the way I actually LOVE the same breakfast everyday. It fills me with soooooo much goodness, it doesn’t bloat and I know it fills me up right until lunch time (that’s saying something because I’m breastfeeding). This recipe is something I’ve been having for about two and a half years! Ultimately I buy any seeds I can get my hands on. Anything on sale. Meaning sometimes I can have lots of different types of seeds and nuts. Other times maybe only 10! It doesn’t matter. Having any of these seeds in your diet will benefit you.

Ready to be blitzed into a delicious Brekky for on the go!

In a plastic container combine equal amounts of:

Chia Seeds

Goji Berries

Wheat Germ


Shredded Coconut

Brown Rice puffs

Sesame Seeds

Hemp Seeds

Sunflower Seeds



Pumpkin Seeds

Coaco Nibs

Place the lid on the container and shake well.

*Place 3 level tablespoons into a small jar, cover with filtered water overnight. WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS ACTIVATING YOUR SEEDS!! If you don’t activate them they are doing nothing for you.

Activating seeds and nuts actually removes the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. Originally those enzymes are there to protect the nut from sprouting, it is not wise to eat nuts that have not been prepared through soaking and activation.

In another small container combine equal powdered amounts of TumericCeylon Cinnamonand Ginger.

Why you ask? The answer to each of these choices is remarkable. Click on each of the powders, I have linked them to the AMAZING health benefits of each!

Now, It’s the morning, you’re racing around getting ready for work, perhaps kids off to school (for me I just blitz mine up once the kids have their brekky… Some days they also have this for breakfast).


In a blender place your activated seeds, 1 Tablespoon of the powders, 1 Banana, a handful of frozen berries, some Baby Spinach or Kale 1 Level TBSP of ‘Oh so Natural Wholefoods’ (from Aldi) Acai Powder, Super Greens and Maca Powder and 1 cup of filtered water or coconut water.

Blitz until smooth.

Drink on it’s own or I like to top mine with my CHEATS TOASTED MUESLI.

  • You can add any fruit you like really!
My children LOVE this combination!

What a way to start the day!

Jennifer X

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