Real Hummus

Ever wondered why your homemade Hummus didn’t taste like the stuff you eat when dining at a Middle Eastern Restaurant? I’m sure all my Middle Eastern friends who read this will laugh at me… it actually took me about 9 months to test, try and research to finally find the most AUTHENTIC recipe. Honestly!! I […]

Raspberry Ride

HAPPY HOUR (with essential oils……what??) Oh yes! The Hubs made this one yesterday. One thing you need to know about me is I will never post anything food or beverage related unless it’s outstanding….. and this truly is! • 40ml Gin• 2 Drops of dōterra Lime Oil•10ml of Raspberry Syrup (we use fresh or frozen […]


Who doesn’t love Mexican night?! And who doesn’t love salsa. In my home I try to do a cook up every few Saturdays. I will clear my schedule to cook and get on top of sauces, stews, broths, pastes. If you own a blender or processor this is the perfect way to eliminate those nasty […]